are you listening?
"Silence is golden. Words are vibrations. Thoughts are magic. Welcome to Night Vale."
-Welcome to Night Vale episode 8 "The Lights In Radon Canyon".

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flaming slow motion tennis

here you go: physics porn


Lost it over the last gif

ideas for Wimbledon 2014

Can we discuss the men behind this though

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British Tumblr Posts photoset #2

Want to see more country Photosets?

American Photoset #1 

Canadian Photoset #3

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st.lawrence river, quebec

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Breathtaking views show the stars, Milky Way, airglow, and light pollution over New Zealand skies.

"Here are images I captured during last months from New Zealand. Great country to catch colors of airglow almost everywhere…" - Petr Horálek

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4 levels of friendship when someone’s parents is driving you somewhere


1. Mostly silence with a little talk
2. Dead silence
3. Parents ask you about your day
4. Parents make fun of their own child with you

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BBC America & Xfinity present: INTRUDERS & Doctor Who Fan Viewing Party! 

August 23rd, 2014

  • 6:00 PM- Doors open 
  • 7:00 PM- New BBC America series Intruders Season 1, Episode : ‘She Was Provisional’ advanced screening
  • 8:00 PM- Doctor Who Live Pre-Show, live feed of BBC America 
  • 8:15 PM- Doctor Who Season 8, Episode 1: ‘Deep Breath’, live feed of BBC America 

Free admission, free popcorn! 

Buskirk-Chumley Theater 
114 East Kirkwood Avenue 

Bloomington, IN 47408 

Admission is free with seats on a first come, first served basis. Other concessions available for purchase. INTRUDERS is rated TV-MA, Doctor Who is rated TV- PG. 

Not permitted at the event- weapons, fireworks, arms or contraband of any kind. Props, laser pointers, or artificial noisemakers of any kind (with exception of your Sonic Screwdriver, of course!) Outside food or beverage, personal chairs or blankets. Only carry what will fit within the confines of your seat. No coat or bag check will be available. 

Cosplay- cosplay is encouraged, but please refrain from bringing any props, aside from your Sonic Screwdriver. 

Film & Photo Advisory- By attending, you agree that BBC America and Comcast and their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, and each of their respective licenses, assignees, and agents, shall have the unrestricted, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, nonexclusive, and royalty-free right and license to use the attendees image, likeness, name, voice, comments, or other proprietary or public rights in any broadcast, telecast, or photograph and/or audio sound recording taken in connection with the event, or other transmission, or reproduction in whole, or in part of the event(s) for all purposes, without compensation. 

Indiana Whovians, give this the signal boost!

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Historical References in Hetalia

 Christmas Truce of 1914 & England and Germany’s Soccer Game

Marquis de La Fayette & England’s Inebriated Woes

 The Defeat of the Spanish Armada & England Rubbing it In

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This is what the people of Ferguson are up against and if you still don’t think that this is a big deal then you need to wake the fuck up

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